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Get to Know Our Partners

We are delighted to introduce you to our verified partners who can be a valuable part of your support network during your journey of parenthood and/or wellness.


Founded by Yi Ling in 2019, Baby Planner SG is Singapore's first one-stop maternity consultancy providing baby planning services. 

Baby Planner SG aims to help young parents avoid information overload, confusion and (over)consumerism caused by the myriad of information sources and marketing in today's world. By providing personalized advice, Baby Planner SG offers practical solutions which empower young parents to meet their new baby's needs while preserving the most important aspects of their preferred lifestyles. 


Rynette is a certified Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor and Babywearing Consultant. She is also an experienced mother of four. An advocate for attachment theory, she has assisted many parents in understanding their baby’s needs and cues, as well as to understand how babywearing and breastfeeding can benefit a child’s development. Together with her husband, they form Singapore’s first and only husband-wife Childbirth Educator team, giving parents real and relatable insights to the birth process and parenting journey, with an emphasis on the role and importance of partner support and communication through their prenatal and parenting workshops. She founded 13Thirteen and provides private and group prenatal and postnatal services in Singapore. 13Thirteen also offers private consultations and group workshops for lactation and babywearing - supporting your parenting journey from bump and beyond!


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