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clinical supervision for growth and learning, other psychologists or counsellors

Clinical Supervision

Individual supervision

Clinical supervision is a key component of ongoing professional development for psychologists and all helping professions. It provides practitioners with a supportive and structured environment to reflect on their clinical work, receive feedback, and enhance their skills and knowledge. Clinical supervision also ensure that practitioners provide high quality care to their clients and adhere to ethical and professional standards. 

At Holding Ground, we provide clinical supervision for psychologists and all helping professions, including but not limited to counsellors and social workers. Our qualified and experienced supervisors will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the personalized support and guidance that align with your learning needs, feedback you need to improve your clinical skills and provide the best possible care to your clients. 

Our approach to clinical supervision is tailored to the individual needs of each practitioner, incorporating various techniques such as reflection, feedback, and discussion. We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your professional development and achieve your personal and career goals.By investing in clinical supervision, you can expect to enhance your clinical skills, improve your ethical and professional development, and achieve personal and professional growth.

Group supervision

For organisations, we offer group clinical supervision services tailored to the unique needs of your team. Group clinical supervision is an effective way to improve clinical skills, encourage reflective practice, and enhance ethical and professional development. By investing in group clinical supervision, your organisation can expect to see improved outcomes for your clients, enhanced teamwork and communication among your practitioners, as well as increased job satisfaction and retention. Holding Ground is committed to helping your organisation achieve these outcomes through our expert and personalised supervision services.


Contact us today at to learn more about our individual and group clinical supervision services and how we can support your professional development and growth or the professional development of your psychologists and the success of your organisation.

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