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stressed and burnout from parenting load, work or other issues in life

Managing Stress and Burnout

Why do people experience stress or burnout?

Stress and burnout can arise from a variety of sources. The more common ones include: 

  • High pressure work environments (e.g., long working hours, poor work-life balance, lack of autonomy, job insecurity)

  • Relationship problems 

  • Financial difficulties

  • Health issues

  • Caregiving responsibilities

What are the symptoms of burnout? 

These are some symptoms that could suggest you are experiencing high stress or burnout

  • Feeling overwhelmed and helpless

  • Feeling exhausted despite having adequate rest

  • Feeling detached and loss of interest in regular activities

  • Increased irritability and frequent anger outbursts

  • Social withdrawal 

  • Reduced performance and productivity

  • Being more cynical or negative at work 

  • Poor sleep or insomnia

  • Physical symptoms such as headache or stomach problems

What to expect from sessions?

Some individuals may be more susceptible to stress and burnout due to their personality traits, coping mechanisms, or past experiences with trauma and abuse. It is important to address the root cause of stress and burnout in order to effectively manage and prevent it from recurring. 

Together with our therapist, you will be guided to identify the root causes of your stress and burnout, and develop strategies to cope with these in a healthy and sustainable way. We will assist you in acquiring stress-management techniques, establishing practical boundaries, and fostering self-care habits to lower stress levels and prevent burnout from reoccurring. 

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